Iketani and Mako

Iketani and Mako

First Introduced: First Stage


Iketani and Mako met by chance when he saw her on the side of the road with car troubles. From there, they went on a date, in which Mako hid the fact that she also races. Iketani found out later on Mt. Usui when he realized she was the fastest on that mountain pass. This both shocked and upset him. Mako called him the next day to talk, and that's when Mako requested to race against Takumi. After the race, Mako proposed that she'd like Iketani to be her first boyfriend and asked him meet her where they first met. Due to a poor decision and an unfortunate turn of events, Iketani missed his chance.

In Depth

While driving one day, Iketani saw Mako on the side of the road with car troubles. He pulled over to help her and was instantly attracted to her. To thank him for the help afterwards, Mako gave Iketani her phone number and asked him to call her. They later went on a date, which went very well. They talked about cars and racing a lot, though Mako didn't reveal that she was also a street racer. Iketani felt that she was his ideal girl since she likes cars and has interest in racing.

That same night, Iketani and his friends went to Mt. Usui to check out the drivers. They had heard that the best was a woman Sil-Eighty driver, and when it showed up, they were in awe of its skill. As they headed down on Mt. Usui, Iketani pushed his car too hard and ended up skidding to a stop sideways, blocking the road. The Sil-Eighty came up, and Sayuki, in the passenger seat, yelled at him to move. As he moved his car and drove past the Sil-Eighty, he saw Mako in the driver's seat and realized who the fastest on Usui really was. He was shocked and upset that she didn't tell him.

The next day, Mako called up Iketani, and they met at Lake Akina. She explained that she's the quiet type who's personality changes behind the wheel. Guys don't see her as a girl when she races, and that's why she didn't tell him. She decided to quit racing because of that and asked Iketani to grant her a last wish, to race against Akina's Hachi Roku. In exchange, she offers her virginity. Iketani realizes that he was never her real target, but Takumi was. He agrees to help, but not because he wants something in exchange, but because he wants to fulfil her wish. He still loves her, even if she might not love him back.

The race ends up happening, with Takumi winning. As both parties from Akina and Usui chatted afterwards, they decided to go swimming together the next day. At the water park, Mako and Iketani end up having alone time as the rest of their friends hit the water slides. Mako thanks Iketani for his help and has decided not to quit racing, which Iketani is glad to hear. She also tells him that she would like him to be her first boyfriend. She'll be waiting for his answer at 8PM where they first met.

A little aftewards, a beach ball gets thrown out of the pool and near Mako, so Sayuki shouts at her to throw it back. As Mako gets up to do so, she knocks her purse on the ground. Iketani picks up her things for her and notices that she has a picture of Takahashi Ryosuke. When Mako returned, he asked her if she had a crush before. She begins describing a racer that she liked, though never talked to. She got into street racing in hopes of getting closer to him. He instantly realizes that she's had a crush on Ryosuke.

Later that night, Iketani is at the gas station instead of going to meet Mako. He thinks she is in love with Ryosuke and thus he has no chance. Yuichi calls him a fool and tells him that it is just a celebrity crush that she has. He urges him to go meet Mako. Iketani is already half an hour late, but he still goes, realizing how stupid he was. On the way there, he runs into a horrible traffic jam. By the time he arrives, Mako has already left. He lost his chance with his ideal girl, and Mako felt dumped. The two did not talk after that, though they still think about each other.

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