Stage 1, Episode 16

Short summary

Kenji, Itsuki, and Takumi are in disbelief that Iketani has a date with a beautiful girl and ends up tailing Iketani to see her. Though they get caught, they still get introduced to Iketani's date, Mako. Without anything else to do, they decide to check out Mt. Usui, where they find out that the best driver is a woman Sil-Eighty driver. During Iketani and Mako's date, they talk about cars, and Mako hides the fact that she is also a street racer, though she admits she likes cars. After the date, Iketani, Kenji, Itsuki, and Takumi decide to take a look at Usui's drivers, where they see the Sil-Eighty and are in awe of the driver's skill. It makes Iketani realize that he isn't as good as drifing as he led Mako to believe.

On the way down on Usui, he drives fast, but his rhythm is off. He messes up, skidding to a stop sideways and blocking the road. The Sil-Eighty drives up but stops in time. As Iketani moves his car out of the way and passes the Sil-Eighty, he locks eyes with Mako and realizes who the fastest on Usui really is. This leaves him in shock as he takes work off the next day. Mako gives him a call though and wants to meet up to talk. She's sorry that she didn't tell him, though she didn't mean to lie. When she gets behind the wheel and drives fast, guys don't see her as a girl. Because of that, she's decided to quit racing. She wants her last summer memory to be a race against Akina's Hachi Roku. Iketani realizes that her target wasn't him but Takumi, yet he still loves her and wants to fulfil her wish.

Longer summary

At Mt. Usui, some street racers are practicing when they hear the approach of the famous Sil-Eighty. As it passes, everyone stares in awe of the driver's skill. Inside the Sil-Eighty, Sayuki yells out commands for Mako as she drives.

The next day at the gas station, Kenji and Itsuki are in disbelief that Iketani has a girl's phone number. Iketani on the other hand thinks that an angel was sent to him and has planned to see Mako at Karuizawa tomorrow. Kenji has the idea to follow them on their date to see who Mako really is.

The following day arrives, and Kenji tails Iketani with Itsuki and Takumi in his car. He still doesn't believe that Mako's as beautiful as Iketani says she is. While talking about how Iketani tends to exaggerates things, he stops paying attention and ends up right next to Iketani's car, which Iketani notices right away. At the location, Kenji apologizes and promises to leave, but Iketani says they can stay so that he can introduce her to them.

Mako arrives, and Kenji, Itsuki, and Takumi can't believe their eyes at how pretty Mako really is. Iketani and Mako then leave on their date. Not sure what to do now, the three guys decide to go to Mt. Usui instead of hanging around Kariuzawa.

In Iketani's S13, Iketani starts conversation by asking Mako what her favorite car is. She mentions the previous RX-7 model, the FC, in which Iketani compliments her good taste. She asks if he's a street racer, and he is surprised that she could tell. She's okay with that though because she also likes cars. She prefers people who know how to use technique rather than people who can afford expensive cars. At hearing this, Iketani realizes he has found his ideal girl.

On Usui, Kenji is driving up the mountain pass, noticing that it's a hard winding road. It's more narrow, not to mention has corner after corner. The whole time, Takumi is silent and concentrating on the road.

Switching back to Iketani's date with Mako, Mako wonders what Iketani thinks about a girl who also likes the mountain passes and wants to be a street racer.

Now Kenji, Itsuki, and Takumi have stopped at a gas station, in which they found out that the fastest on Usui is a blue Sil-Eighty. They are surprised to learn that it's driven by a woman.

Back in Iketani's car, Iketani answers Mako's question by saying that he thinks it'd be great, especially since a female street racer would be nice to talk to. His answer makes Mako happy, and Iketani figures that she wants to be a street racer with the FC as her dream car.

Still at the gas station, Takumi questions what a Sil-Eighty is. Kenji explains that it's a 180 with a Silvia front on it. It gets its name from the combintaion of 180 and Silvia. Kenji wants to see this car and driver in action. The gas station attendant tells them to wait until nightfall, and they should be able to see it on the mountain pass. He warns them not to challenge it since none of the locals can even beat it.

Iketani and Mako have now sat down for some drinks, while Iketani tells Mako about his team, the Speedstars, and the fastest driver in Akina. He notices Mako spacing out and wonders if he's boring her with all of this. She replies by saying she likes cars a lot, so this is actually fun for her. Changing the conversation to drifting makes her happy.

The end of the date draws near and Mako thanks Iketani for the fun time. Iketani decides to ask her if she's seeing anyone right now. She answers that she doesn't have a boyfriend and asks that he calls her again. This leaves Iketani in a daze, which is interrupted by Kenji, Itsuki, and Takumi. In a happy mood, Iketani treats them to dinner and then wants to check out the drivers of Usui.

Standing at the sidelines, Iketani, Kenji, Itsuki, and Takumi are amazed at the skill of Usui drivers. Itsuki mentions that Takumi hasn't seen a mountain pass outside of Akina and wonders what Takumi thinks about Usui's pass. Takumi responds that he doesn't know since he wasn't driving. Itsuki, however, noticed that Takumi looked serious before, which Takumi seems oblivious to. Suddenly the Sil-Eighty passes by and performs a nonstop counter drift, which shocks them. Takumi thinks to himself that the driver is really good. This makes Iketani realize that, although he told Mako he's good at drifting, he actually panics when his rear starts to skid. He decides to practice on the way down on Usui.

As they go down Usui, Iketani is driving fast. Though Kenji wants to keep up, Takumi tells him to keep distance, as Iketani seems to have a bad rhythm. He senses something wrong. At that point, Iketani screws up and his car skids to a stop sideways. They then hear a car coming, and it's the Sil-Eighty, which stops just in time. Sayuki realizes right away that Iketani got scared when the rear skidded and oversteered by releasing the gas. Frustrated, she yells at Iketani to get his car out of the way. As he moves his car and passes the Sil-Eighty, he and Mako lock eyes, and he realizes who the Sil-Eighty driver is.

The next day at work, Kenji finds out Iketani took the day off. They figure it's from the shock from realizing Mako is the best Usui driver. At Iketani's house, Iketani gets a phone call from Mako. They meet up, and Iketani wishes she had told him that she was the fastest on Usui. She didn't mean to lie to him though. She explains she's the quiet type that changes once she gets behind the wheel. When she drives fast like that, guys don't see her as a girl. She's decided to quit this summer because of that and requests that her last summer memory be a race against Akina's Hachi Roku on Usui's mountain pass. In return, she will give her virginity to Iketani. Iketani doesn't feel right making a deal like this to a friend like Takumi. He realizes that her target was never him, but Takumi. He tells her he'll see what he can do. However, it's not because he wants something from her. He just wants to make her wish come true.

As Iketani drives away, he can't fight the tears and has to pull over. He really loved her. Even though he misunderstood, he still loved her.

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