Types of Races

Depending on the mountain pass and situation, there have been different types of races used for battles.

Side by Side

First Used: AE86 vs. FD3S (Takumi vs. Keisuke)
This is the "normal" type of race that most people are used to. The opponents start side by side with each other and a count down is used to signify the start of the race. The winner is the first to cross the finish line.

Chase or "Sudden Death-Death Match"

First used: AE86 vs. Sileighty (Takumi vs. Mako & Sayuki)
For mountain passes with narrow roads, this is often used because of the lack of room for a side by side race. One car starts in front with the car in the back chasing after it. The car in front wins by leaving his/her challenger behind. The car in the back wins by passing the car in the front. If neither happens, then another run is made except the two change places. Runs are continually made, changing places each time, until a winner is determined. Stamina and concentration becomes important as the runs keep going.


First used: AE86 vs. EVO4 (Takumi vs. Seiji)
One of the racers is given a handicap. The car with the lower horsepower gets a headstart. (It was used with a side by side race so the winner was still the one who finishes first.)

Gum Tape Death Match

First used: AE86 vs. EG6 (Takumi vs. Shingo)
Each of the drivers has one of their hands taped to the steering wheel. The other hand is left free to shift gears. This is a difficult and dangerous type of race since it limits steering by taking away the ability to counter steer.

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