The series

Short sypnosis: It's rumored that the fastest racer on Mt. Akina is the driver of a hachi roku from a tofu shop. It's rumored that he delivers to a hotel by Lake Akina everyday at 4AM and knows every little detail on the mountain pass. But who would have guessed that the driver is an ordinary highschool student?

In Depth Sypnosis: No one realized that Akina always had a skilled racer until the Akagi RedSuns challenged the Akina Speedstars. To keep the local's pride from being beaten by an outsider, he was called upon. The driver? Fujiwara Takumi, a highschool student who doesn't know a thing about cars except that they have four wheels. He learned to drift from delivering tofu to a hotel by Lake Akina everyday for 5 years at 4AM to help out his father's shop. After his first race with RedSuns' number 2 driver, Takahashi Keisuke, teams and drivers from other areas have been challenging him to battles, bringing out Takumi's hidden desire to race and win.

General: Series about street racing and cars. The Anime has 6 stages (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Extra, Battle). The manga is still ongoing (meaning new volumes are still being published). This series also has a Chinese Live Action movie.

Creator: Shuichi Shigeno

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