An interesting thing about Initial D, the Anime, is that it is divided into stages with differing artwork in each one and that not every stage is a series. Here is a very brief overview of each stage. For specifics, please see the Episode Summaries.

First Stage

General: TV series, 26 episodes

First Stage is the beginning of it all. For many people, it is their favorite stage although people tend to dislike the artwork. Takumi's skill is revealed to the racing world in his first battle with Keisuke and soon, every team and driver wants to challenge Akina's hachi roku.

Second Stage

General: TV series, 13 episodes

The artwork has greatly improved in Second Stage, and Akina is no longer used as the main stage. Takumi decides to never race on his home course again after the first battle with the Emperors. Both he and his car go through major changes in this stage.

Third Stage

General: Movie

In Third Stage, Takumi takes care of any unfinished business, both in the racing world and with Mogi, before his graduation and before replying to Ryosuke's invite to join his new racing team.

Fourth Stage

General: TV series, 24 episodes

Fourth Stage introduces Project D which is coached by Ryosuke. Takumi and Keisuke are the team's aces, and they travel through Japan, racing against any challengers. Their skills improve as they strive to be the fastest in Japan.

Battle Stage

General: OAV

Battle Stage is just a collection of races from First, Second, and Third Stage except with improved graphics. There is no plot.

Extra Stage

General: OAV

Extra Stage happens about the same time as Second Stage and probably spans to Third Stage. It's about an hour long and the main characters are Mako and Sayuki of Impact Blue. It focuses on Mako's decision on whether to quit racing or not.

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