About the Site

hachi-rokuNET is owned by me, Cat, and was opened on January 25, 2003. I bought this domain first, and when thinking of what to do with it, it seemed natural to make it an Initial D site. I gathered up a few family members and friends who had the same love of the series as I did to help me. At the moment, I am the only one left who works on it. Though this site is still far from complete, we work hard to make this an enjoyable resource for Initial D fans.

About the Name

Hachi means eight. Roku means six. Together, they are another name for an AE86, which is what Takumi drives.

About the Layout

You are currently viewing version 6, which uses images I scanned from my artbook. I wanted to completely re-do the coding of the site and how some things were organized. It was a lot of work, but I feel like the overall look and feel to the site has improved. All past versions of this site are archived at Distant Memory

Current Status

This is now an archived site, meaning it's no longer updated. We stopped updating during Stage 4, so the information is mostly focused on Stages 1-3 and Extra. In 2013, we also gave up the domain name, which is why this is hosted on one of Cat's other domains.

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