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Frequently Asked Questions

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Site FAQ

Can I use your wallpapers as a background for my site?

No! I don't know how many people we've caught doing this, but the wallpapers are for desktop use only. Please do not use them as a site background. Even if you give credit, you still do not have permission.

Can I use your information for my website?

I have caught several people copying and pasting our information and claiming it as theirs. I have also caught people rewording our information. This is considered plagiarism. Write your own information; do not copy from us. We worked hard to write all of our information, and we do not appreciate it when people simply take it for their own.

Can I submit/donate something?

By all means! We accept most submissions and donations and will love you for them. Since this site is no longer updated, we are not taking any submissions.

Hey, your information is wrong!

Hey, we're not perfect! If you spot a mistake, please let us know through e-mail. You'll be thanked and credited for your help.

Can we do a link exchange?

Do you have an Initial D site? Then sure! Link us first, and then send us an e-mail.

Initial D FAQ

Where did you get your Initial D fansubs?

Initial D (both manga and anime) is licensed by TokyoPop so Initial D fansubs are now illegal. We can't tell you where we got ours, but you can buy the Anime and manga from Tokyopop.

What is Project D?

Project D is a team created by Takahashi Ryosuke. They race outside of their prefecture and have a website to find challengers and to post results of battles. The team only consists of two racers, Keisuke and Takumi, and they are coached by Ryosuke.

Who is Tsuchiya Keiichi?

Tsuchiya Keiichi is a professional racer who is also known as the "Drift King". He also has a DVD out called, the Drift Bible. He actually supervises Initial D and has a few cameos in First Stage. In episode 2, Iketani and Itsuki were watching a drifing video at work which featured Tsuchiya Keiichi. In episode 21, Itsuki was looking at a magazine with an article on Tsuchiya Keiichi. In episode 23, Bunta gets a call from him.

What is Eurobeat?

The stages before Fourth Stage use dance/trance-like vocal songs that are sung in English as background music for the races. Those songs are Eurobeat.

Does Iketani get with Mako in Extra Stage?

Our summary for Extra Stage is now up, so go ahead and find out in our Information section!

Is there a non-CG version of Initial D?

(CG = computer graphics) Yes, the manga version. Joking joking, I know the question refers to the Anime. To answer it, no, there isn't. Initial D is originally with the CG animation for the cars. There are times when you see drawn cars, but there is no version of Initial D where the CG cars are drawn.

Are there storyline changes in the Tokyopop version?

No idea; we don't support the Tokyopop version. From what I heard, I think so.

In the first opening of First Stage, are those 2 girls supposed to be Mako and Sayuki? Mako's hair color is wrong!

Yes, those are Mako and Sayuki. We'll have the original manga version on the site soon.

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