Current Staff

Members that are still actively updating this site.


Hello! I am the owner and founder of hachi-rokuNET, and I also work on every section of the site. Long before Initial D was licensed, I randomly found fansubs of First Stage. I watched them and instantly fell in love with the Anime, even though I wasn't into cars or street racing. I continued to keep up with the stages and remain a fan. All of this lead to what you see now. If you're interested, my other websites are all listed at shattered-wingsNET.

Inactive Staff

Although these members do not update anymore, their past contributions have been valuable to the website.


This is actually my younger brother who got into Initial D the same time I did. He was a great help in most sections of the website.
Contributions: Information (characters, cars, episodes), Media (screenshots), From the Fans (Weird Merchandise, Too Much list)


Yet another family member that got sucked into this project, Andy is our cousin and was like our editor because of his crazy grammar/spelling skills.
Contributions: Information (characters, episodes)


A friend of ours and a car fanatic, it was easy to get Ian into this Anime and then into helping on the site. He was our main man for car information and wallpapers.
Contributions: Information (cars), Media (wallpapers), From the Fans (fan art)

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